The non-returnable participation fee is 316 € per participant, which covers the preparation, organizing and conducting costs, the participant cards and bandings, 1 parking card and advertisement costs of the fair. A 20% VAT will be added to the participation fee.

Rent for the fair surfaces (without a stend)
Row surface (1 side opened) 50 € /m2
Corner surface (2 sides opened) 55 € / m2

Standard stend (will be added to the fee for the fair surface)
6-30 m2 28€ /m2
31-50 m2 25€ /m2
The price is to cover the rental costs for wall elements, desk, carpet, lights (1 for 4 m2) and a socket(1kW) along with the costs for setting up a stend.
KA 20% VAT will be added to all prices.
Please also check registration information