The objective of trade fair grant is to support the participation of Tallinn small and medium-size enterprises and self-employed persons in trade fairs that take place in Estonia and are aimed at the formation of business contacts, finding new marketing channels, promoting sales and through this to support and enhance the development of small enterprises.

Companies and self-employed persons may be the applicants for the trade fair grant.

The upper limit of the grant is 958.68 EUR per each applicant during a calendar year.

The application can be submitted on an ongoing basis starting from 10 January until the financial resources allocated for sponsorship are used up.

The receipt of applications will be closed 14 business days before the beginning of a fair.

An entrepreneur may apply for the trade fair grant in order to take part in fairs organized in Estonia according to the list approved by the Tallinn Enterprise Board.

An applicant shall submit a standard format application together with all requested additional documents to the Business Information Centre of the Enterprise Board (Vabaduse väljak 7, 15199 Tallinn, Service Bureau of the Tallinn City Government).

The trade fair grant shall be transferred to the entrepreneur’s bank account after the participation in the trade fair, the verification of documents submitted by the entrepreneur and the approval of the trade fair participation report by the Enterprise Board at the latest within one month from the receipt of all requested documents by the Enterprise Board.